I just found some pictures from different racing episodes…

From 2004 Sviesta. The year I won my second title in Swedish Superbike with my Suzuki GSXR1000.
The final round of the Swedish Championship 2005. My third title in a row with a Gixxer1000.
Tight racing with legendar Peter Sk├Âld in 2003. It was tough racing all season long with Peter and the title went my way in the final round at Knutstorp.
Team Suzuki Sweden in 2004. My Gixxer 1000 and 600 and both of Per Johanssons Gixxer1000.
Team Maco Moto from Slovakia. 2007 at Magny Cours in France. 24h World Endurance Championship.
My KTM RC8 at Knutstorp in the BoTT-series.
In this red beauty my team travelled around Scandinavia and Europe for some seven years or so.
If you win you will wheelie. If you don’t win you will wheelie any way. Always wheelie!